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Linda W. Ruth

Coventry, CT, United States


This sick Wild Turkey is one of a flock of 9. I noticed her because she was not feeding with the flock. It is a cold, rainy, foggy day, but this bird looked particularly bedraggled. She was standing under a feeder, feathers ruffled, and dull, with no interest in feeding. Her right eye is filled with foamy pus, her face is pale and she is missing feathers on her head. I thought that she had suffered a traumatic injury to her eye, followed by a fulminant infection. However, as the flock moved away, I noticed that her left eye was also affected. She left with the flock, with no obvious difficulty keeping up, but it is obvious that she is seriously ill. Fortunately, she did not go near the barn where I keep a pet chicken.


Eye problems


Sick Wild Turkey

Closeup of sick Wild turkey

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