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Elijah Kruger

Cold Spring, NY, United States


This tufted titmouse with no tail started showing up to our feeders a few days ago. Unlike the other titmice, who land on the pegs of our tube feeders, our tail-less titmouse only takes seed from our feeders with a platform.




Tufted Titmouse Missing Tail Feathers

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  • bonnie laverty says:

    i found a baby titmouse. the nest had been blown out of a tree. it has feathers now after 2 weeks, but the tail feathers look stunted. can it live on its own?

    • Chelsea Benson says:

      Hi Bonnie, it is typical for fledgling birds to have short tail feathers. I would recommend locating a wildlife rehabilitator to care for the titmouse: It is technically illegal to possess a wild bird (or animal) without the proper licenses and permits. ~Chelsea, Project FeederWatch

  • Pamela thacker says:

    The titmouse at my feeders with no tail feathers seems to be an adult

  • Carmen Paz says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I’m in Austin, TX. I also just noticed an adult tufted titmouse with no tail feathers. It looks quite plump and healthy, and eats regularly at my birdfeeder. It is not injured and seems to be able to fly pretty well, as my feeder is up at the second story window, and he / her has no problem reaching it from the other trees at the same height.

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