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Elijah Kruger

Cold Spring, NY, United States


This tufted titmouse with no tail started showing up to our feeders a few days ago. Unlike the other titmice, who land on the pegs of our tube feeders, our tail-less titmouse only takes seed from our feeders with a platform.




Tufted Titmouse Missing Tail Feathers

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  • bonnie laverty says:

    i found a baby titmouse. the nest had been blown out of a tree. it has feathers now after 2 weeks, but the tail feathers look stunted. can it live on its own?

    • Chelsea Benson says:

      Hi Bonnie, it is typical for fledgling birds to have short tail feathers. I would recommend locating a wildlife rehabilitator to care for the titmouse: It is technically illegal to possess a wild bird (or animal) without the proper licenses and permits. ~Chelsea, Project FeederWatch

  • Pamela thacker says:

    The titmouse at my feeders with no tail feathers seems to be an adult

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