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Mariana Sees

Muncy, PA, United States


I found two Goldfinches this afternoon dead on my back deck. They were within 8 feet of each other and about 2-8 inches away from my house. Goldfinch #2 was outside my window this morning laying on her side. We noticed her breathing for a little while until she passed shortly after we noticed her. We found Goldfinch #1 this afternoon when we went to take care of Goldfinch #2. To me it looks like Goldfinch #1 has trauma, but I did not see any trauma on Goldfinch #2.



Two Dead Goldfinches

Goldfinch #1

One reply on “Two dead Goldfinches”

Beth says:

I just found two goldfinches one is dead on a bench the other is sitting on the ground next to the bench.

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