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Suzanne Core

Turkey Rock, Teller County, CO, United States


I just found this young hawk dead on my doorstep! No visible signs of cause.

I don’t know if you want these reported but it’s in part to grieve his death.

Yesterday I heard a loud thump at the front window but saw nothing. Now I wonder if he hit it and I didn’t look hard enough. I’ve had birds before come close to knocking themselves out but they have recovered.

He is at the front door. I live in a rural mountain pine forest with fishing lakes. We have had an eagle and other hawks in the area but not this close this time of year unless he was going to try and snatch one of my smaller birds from the feeder on the back deck or yard.



Young Sharp Shinned Hawk (dead)

One reply on “young sharp shinned hawk (dead)”

Ava Johnon says:

Well, if he hit your window then it probably would have been VERY loud. But it is possible that he hit the window, flew away, and then died soon after.

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