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Carole Outwater


juvenile male, perhaps around 1 year. Black eye line, beginning to get a black bib, egg yolk head and chest with chest turning into white halfway down. Kind of brown on the top of his head, egg yolk color on underside of the tail. Two wing bars. Size of a cardinal, large heavy pointed bill that is kind of brownish, gray color on back. Not aggressive. Came to feeder during the snow; the tube feeder with sunflower seeds and kernels and fruit and nuts. Then moved two days later to an orange. Big appetite! he appeared about every twenty minutes. Confirmation by local birders and listed now on the rare bird site for North Carolina. I had perhaps 50 people come see the bird soon far. Today they came from different cities in the state. Check eBird for many visits to my residence. Verified and confirmed from respected birders in town. My first contact was to Mr. Taylor Piephoff. I’ve tried uploading a photo but when I did, the whole list folded down and I had to begin again. Read my comments at the end of my list where I describe the process I took toward a correct ID for this bird. I was not able to attach a photo and I believe my photo was only 4 mbytes but I’m not great with those things in photography although I take many of my photographs to show ID markers for specific birds. I can send a good photo to you if you give me some options or look on eBird. Quite a few people posted the bird as well as their bird counts in my yard and their own photos.

Bullock’s Oriole

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