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Joshua Cullum

Janesville, WI, United States


Saw this bird was seen yesterday (December 20) around lunch time with the usual flock of juncos. I saw it again today (December 21) which is one of our Feeder Watch days. I have also submitted this sighting to the eBird database. The Oregon subspecies can be confused with the Cassiar subspecies, which is typically much grayer. This bird seemed to fit exactly with the Oregon fields marks, so I have submitted it as such. In the photos, when it is in the tree it shows the true colors of the bird much better. When it is on the ground around the snow, the camera exposes the snow correctly (not to bright), which makes the bird appear much darker than it really is. I have many more photos and several good videos of it on our computer if you need them.

The bird was an adult male junco with a black hood, brown back, pale orange flanks, and a white belly. The wings were slightly more gray. The tail was also grayish, with white outer tail feathers.

Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)

Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)

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Dave McKeown says:

We also have observed the oregon dark eyed junco in northern idaho. They have the black head and brown body.

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