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Glenn Dreger

Kamloops, BC, Canada


I actually live about 300 meters above the city of Kamloops, so it averages about 5 degrees colder and has more snow. The Fox Sparrow appeared under my feeder approximately January 18, 2013, and has made daily visits. It now has ventured onto the feeder itself. I sent photos to Rick Howie, compiler of the local bird checklist, who verified the sighting, and has come to see it himself. He says it is the first verified sighting of a Fox Sparrow during the winter in Kamloops. The bird appears to be the coast race, rather than the interior race we see occasionally in the summer.
The bird is still around as of this date, February 4, 2014.

Fox Sparrow In Kamloops During The Winter

Fox Sparrow on feeder

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