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Susan Heffner

Groveland, NY, United States


For past 2 years, several fox sparrows show up in April and late October for a week or two, feeding under the pines next to our house. I spotted this one outside our window on 1/25/14, and he’s been here ever since. Based on marking from a photo taken on 11/9/13, this appears to be the same bird.

Two photos of a fox sparrow taken from inside the house, directly outside our western window, which is framed by pines. Both were taken on 1/25/14, when I first spotted him. He has show up nearly every day since. I have included a third pic taken on 11/9/13 at the same location. Based on the markings, this appears to be the same bird.


Fox Sparrow

Fox sparrow, 1/25/14

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