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Jennifer Carchidi

Hudson, NY, United States


Spotted two Fox Sparrows at my feeder in Upstate, New York.


Fox Sparrows In Upstate, New York

Fox Sparrow in Upstate, New York

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Have a fox sparrow here in Hebron NY. 3/ 11/ 17 First I’ve ever seen

J. Scheu says:

We have a fox sparrow at our feeder. It showed up during the blizzard and has been here for four days. It eats with other sparrows at the feeder that is next to a large bush. It doesn’t seem to venture out onto the lawn. This is our first sighting of this bird in Ghent, New York.

J. Scheu says:

Today is March 19 and we now have 3 Fox Sparrows at our ground feeders.

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