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Jan Bowers and Steve McLaughlin

Big Pine, CA, United States


Sorry for the poor photo quality. We were shooting through a screened window.

This bird was an adult male in winter plumage. He was about the size of a house finch with a warm brown crown and mantle, blue tail, blue primaries, blue scapulars, dark tertials with white edges, a streaky breast, a white eye ring, and a white patch on throat.

We saw him at our feeders on Nov. 28, Nov. 30, Dec. 1, and Dec. 2.

It might be of interest that we saw Indigo Buntings in the neighborhood twice this summer, a singing male on July 7, and a male and female foraging within calling distance of one another on August 7. This was within a mile or so of our feeders. (We do not put out seed in the summertime.) We do not have photographs to document these observations.

Indigo Bunting

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