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John Kearney

Ketchum, ID, US


Grosbeak with pink bill, black eye line, black wings with large white spot, crown and head brown and black stripped. White belly with pink triangle from neck down middle of chest, intermittent black specks in pink. He was eating black-oil sunflower seeds on two different feeders at our count site and would drink from the rain gutter on the building. It was a very exciting experience because the kids id’d him by family first without an adults help. We hung a guest book in the tree and many from around southern Idaho came to see him. We will be doing an impact report on $ etc brought into our area. Photos are available but will have to retrieve them from others. First sighting 12/01/14 mid afternoon, last sighting 4pm 12/07/14.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

One reply on “Rose-breasted Grosbeak”

Kirk sewell says:

In previous years we may have spotted one rose breasted grosbeak, but this year we have seen 6-7 males and many females at our feeder. What a beautiful sight! We live in Beckley WV. They are returning to our feeder all day during the first week in May.

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