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Carole Outwater

Charlotte, NC, United States


A flash of yellow gold caught my attention on a recent snowy day as I sat at my window counting birds for feederwatch. Merlin and my favorite birding book confirmed my Oriole hunch. A quick email, including a hasty snapshot brought confirmation from local birding experts. It’s amazing to see such an infrequent visitor show up at backyard feeders.

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Bullock’s Oriole In North Carolina

I’ve come a long way and I sure am hungry!

One reply on “Bullock’s Oriole in North Carolina”

Marilyn Drucker says:

Hello Carole,

Wow! That is very special. I wonder if she joined a Baltimore Oriole group in the mid-west for migration. I currently have a first year male Baltimore Oriole that did not migrate and came to the feeder in December. I am providing jelly mixed with dried crushed mealworms and ground sunflower seeds. It seems to be sustaining him thru these cold and snowy days in Pennsylvania.

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