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Jocelyn Anderson

Milford, Milford Charter Township, MI, United States


There are many beautiful photos of birds with wings fully outstretched, showcasing the amazing detail of their feathers. But I would offer that the bird with wings and feet fully tucked has a charm to it as well. Here a White breasted Nuthatch lands on a stump while in flying potato mode.

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Nuthatch In Flying Potato Mode

Nuthatch in the sleek form of a starchy tuber.

6 replies on “Nuthatch in Flying Potato Mode”

Olivia Gallagher says:

This is great! 🙂

Jocelyn Anderson says:

hehe thanks! This round little bird makes me smile. 🙂

Ken says:

Love this picture. Perfect the way this image was captured.

Teresa Waters says:

Beautiful and sweet

Keith Waters says:

Nature at its finest, captured beautifully.

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