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Alex Shipherd

Randolph, NY, USA


It was an amazing experience to watch this male Osprey hover over the water in search of the perfect fish to catch. The speed in which the osprey dove into the water to grab the fish was incredible! The Osprey caught the largemouth bass on its first dive attempt and brought it back to the nest to feed its young.

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Species: Osprey

Fish Dinner

An Osprey brings a largemouth bass back to the nest to feed its young.

3 replies on “Fish Dinner”

Cristie Herbst says:

Fabulous photo showing the agile osprey after pulling a bass out of the water and, with only the strength of its wings, regaining flight with the fish in tow. This is not a “lucky shot.” This was taken by a photographer who knew what might be coming and waited for it.

Your photos are always so beautiful! You are an amazing photographer and you’ve worked hard to be where you are today. Love you

Eileen Neal says:

You are especially talented. We are very proud of you. Bob and I wish you well in the competition.

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