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Kayla Bendle

Orton, ON, Canada


I took this photo in the fall, we had so many red breasted nuthatches come through in a period of a couple weeks; this day there were over 6 different red breasted nuthatches and 4 white breasted moving all around me and as I was taking photos of one…another would be running around behind me or around me on posts and trees; this little bird in the photo was incredibly comfortable with me and would even land on my shoulder or on my camera lens and tap trying to see if I would hand over some peanuts it saw me feeding it (and others) earlier. Most of the large group moved through; but there are still a few that stayed behind to overwinter.

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Look Into My Eye

AWARD WINNER: Category 5: People\'s Choice

5 replies on “Look Into My Eye”

Art Greenberg says:

Great pic, Kayla
You’ve got my vote! Can I come back tomorrow and stuff the ballot box with peanuts…I mean votes?

Ashley Versluis says:

Great depth of field!

Robin Lowy says:

Fabulous shot of a constantly moving little nuthatch

Sandy Schnur says:

Love this close-up portrait!

Heather says:

you do such fantastic pictures

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