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Denise Wylie

North Park Lake, McCandless, PA, USA


i was hiking and 10 feet in front of me this hawk swoops down and grabbed his lunch then flew off,as i was walking down the trail he was sitting on this stump with his lunch(poor squirrel)..he sat there and let me take a lot of pics,then flew off again..if that little squirrel was still moving i wouldnt of takin the pics,i would of been crying. But it was amazing to sit and watch him, a beautiful bird of prey…i am not sure if this is a Red tailed Hawk..or Red Shouldered Hawk?if anyone can tell please let me know..ty

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Lunch Time

Lunch time

13 replies on “Lunch Time”

Crystal Zagari says:

Awesome pic Denise! So glad you found your camera!


I love this photo….Denise is an excellent photographer! Love her and her work!

K.Petrucci says:

Awesome picture..what a “catch”

Joyce says:

Neicer that picture really says lunch to me! Glad the squirrel went quickly into that good night! Nature is fierce!

Denise says:

❤️ this. So beautiful.

Gail Hewlett says:

Ahhhmazing pic! He/she is so majestic!

Chris says:

Love this photo. Great shot. Awesome

Tina says:

I’m wanting to believe that the squirrel is just playing dead : (
Or maybe I could just say the nice big bird is telling him a nap time story?
Amazing picture – nature just isn’t always beautiful.

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