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Marcia A. Sessions

Newport, RI, USA


This was my first experience of seeing and photographing an Osprey who was fishing in breaking surf. I’ve seen and photographed Osprey fishing in the waters of Narragansett Bay in RI, where there are no breaking waves. This beach, Easton’s Beach in Newport, is part of the coastline that runs along the Eastern U.S. So these waves are coming onshore from the open Atlantic Ocean. I marveled at the skill and strength needed by the Osprey to catch fish here. It headed straight out from the beach and at times flew directly into the breaking surf and emerged with a large fish! The Osprey was soaking wet, yet managed to rise up from the surf and fly away holding its catch firmly in its talons.

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Species: Osprey

Osprey Fishing In Breaking Surf

Osprey Fishing in Breaking Surf

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