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Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, USA

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Species: Osprey

Osprey In Flight!

Osprey in Flight!

39 replies on “Osprey in Flight!”

Natasha says:

Beautiful picture!

Bill mott says:

Great photo Eileen, your always coming up with something great

Robert Matthews says:

Beautiful picture

Beautiful pic as always…

M. Howarth says:

Beautiful shot!

Eileen Chorba says:

Thank you so much!

Alice Gargiulo says:

Magnificent photo! And I can’t even take a picture without chopping off heads….

Sheryl Hallahan says:

Great picture

Thank you Alice for your kind words!

Gail steuhl says:

Your pictures are all beautiful!! Kudos ???

Jennifer says:

This is a great picture.

David Spry Sr says:

Great pic.

Nancy says:


Robert Matthews says:


Debbie says:


Debbie says:


Pam Monahan says:

Outstanding capture!

Pastor Bob Glossenger says:

What a beautiful picture

Candy says:

Absolutely beautiful but then again I love all of yours:-)

Jackie Sanborn says:


Opal says:

What a shot

What a beautiful shot. A true winner!!

Thanks so much Jackie and Pastor Bob!

Kim says:

Gorgeous picture!

Teresa says:

Awesome shot! Your pictures just get better and better!

Carol Kuntz says:


Lorraine says:


Stanton Pratt says:

Wonderful Photo.

Vicki Lazaridis says:

Beautiful photo as usual!

Frank Bogyos says:


Janice says:

Beautiful Picture

Patrick Cowley says:

What a shot !!!

Kevin Orr says:

Awesome photo!

Terry says:

Wow what an awesome picture

Selina says:


Ray Neenan says:

Great picture

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