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Projet FeederWatch

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Miriam Bareman

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


There is a pair of friendly neighborhood Red-tailed hawks that have decided their favorite spot for an afternoon perch is this large, mostly dead tree in my backyard. On this day, both hawks came and sat screeching in the tree for a few minutes. I carefully crept out with my camera and when this one took off, I fired away! Photographing flying birds is exceedingly difficult and I am lucky to have captured this image. I love this shot because you get a great view of the intricate coloring of the feathers, including a view if the aptly named red tail. I hope you enjoy this photo and look around your neighborhood for Red-tailed hawks!

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Red-tail Fly-by

Our neighborhood Red-tailed hawk often stops by in the afternoon for a perch on our tree. I was lucky enough to capture this shot as if flew by.

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