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Joan Tisdale

Seaside, CA, USA


Earlier this year, watched and photographed large flock of Sanderlings move in and out of the surf probing for sand crabs on a beach in Seaside, CA. This bird is running down the beach with its catch.

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Sanderling With Sand Crab

2 replies on “Sanderling with sand crab”

Ken Mudge says:

I am writing a book about the natural history of Florida Gulf Coast barrier islands, including shore birds, including sanderlings. Your photo showing a sanderling with a sand crab in its beak is an excellent example of one of the birds major food source. May I use the photo, crediting you, in my book. Is there a Feeder Watch policy on use of photos? Thanks.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Ken, You’ll need to receive permission from the photographer in order to use the photo. Unfortunately, the only way to contact photographers is though this comment section – our privacy policy prohibits the sharing of personal information in this context.

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