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Rodney Wright

Gardner, KS, USA


I was photographing this female Northern Cardinal when all the sudden a wind gust blew from behind her. It blew her crest forward making for a perfect “crown!”

The Queen

AWARD WINNER: Category 6: People\'s Choice

22 replies on “The Queen”

J a jr says:

A great talent is yours. Cultivate it with vigor !!

Sandy says:

What a cool pic! Your Majesty!

Dan Hedden says:

Great capture, she IS the queen!!

Tommie Krone says:

Love this shot. It is so unique!!

Barbara Briegel says:

We look forward to seeing Rodney Wright’s photos on FB and reading his interesting notes regarding them. He has provided a great deal of enjoyment for a couple of stay-at-home seniors!

Mark Morse says:

Amazing shot Rodney! My daughter,son, and I were just watching ours at the feeders and noticing the variety between all of them. One female stiod out because , as my daughter said, “She has such a big, beautiful mohawk”! Your photos are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for helping me find my passion!

I love the Queens Photograph. She looks sassy !

George Johnston says:

Amazing shot, perfectly focused!

You make your own opportunities, had to be there to get this shot!!

Jonee Hardesty says:

What beautiful photo. You can feel the love and passion the photographer puts into his work!?

Sally Darling-Woods says:

And what a Queen she is!

Eldon Reed says:

Excellent photo. Males are photographed mote than females, but this female is very nice.

Ann Shaffer says:

Rodney takes the most gorgeous pictures of birds and wild life. His pictures make your life richer.

Melissa says:

Beautiful picture

Kim says:

This is an awesome shot.

Jim McMurray says:

Cardinal queen

Karla says:


Libby Wright says:

Beautiful and perfect picture!

Richard Trump says:

Totally awesome shot. Love your pictures.

Carol says:

Good day, Your Majesty! Great shot!

Marcia says:

What an awesome photo. I love how perfect it looks.

M. Howarth says:

Great catch!

Melissa Davidson says:

What a beautiful picture! She is very majestic looking!

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