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Susan Szeszol

Chicago, IL, USA


In the summer of 2019, Piping Plovers nested in Chicago for the first time since 1955! I feel blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work as a plover monitor and to photograph the plover family. This photograph shows “Rose” and her one week old chick. The plover parents, Monty and Rose, received their nicknames from the name of the nesting location–Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, and they successfully fledged two chicks.


Chicago Loves Plovers

Chicago's Piping Plover mom with her one week old chick.

6 replies on “Chicago Loves Plovers”

Jen E says:

❤️ beautiful picture

Kathy Haff says:

Nice picture!

Carrie Luciano says:

This picture is so awesome!

Carrie Luciano says:

This is an awesome picture!

Kaitlin says:


Karen Scholtes says:

Good luck

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