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Projet FeederWatch

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Brad Imhoff

Granville, OH, USA


A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks nested this past summer directly above our neighbors’ house in one of their pines. The nest was less than 50 yards from our bird feeders and when we came home one day, we got our toddlers out of the car and just then I noticed one of the adult hawks sitting down low on the branch directly above our feeders. Hoping it would be cooperative enough for a photo, I had my wife usher the kids away so they wouldn’t flush it and I ran inside to grab my camera. Fortunately, it stayed perched long enough for me to capture this photo that I think really displays how beautiful the plumage is of Red-shouldered Hawks.

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Category: Eye Catchers

Feeder Watch-er

Red-shouldered Hawk

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Mary S. Vieira says:

I’m voting for this Bird.

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