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Projet FeederWatch

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Nancy Nygaard

Prescott, WI, USA


We’ve had nest boxes in the prairie in our yard for the past five years. It’s always fun to watch the turf wars as the migrating birds return for the season. This Bluebird pair managed to win the wars with both a Tree Swallow pair and House Sparrow pair. They then got down to the business of building their first nest for the season. Mrs. Bluebird was very irked in this photo. I watched her try to get the grass she was carrying in her beak into the house…tried for at least five minutes before dropping it to search for a better fit. This pair was particularly aggressive. When they launched every brood fledglings they would dive at us if we were on the deck when any of the fledglings were near! I had never seen any of the other nesting pairs do that before.

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Category: Category 4: Beautiful Blues and Grays

Moving In

The First Nest

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