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Tina Glidden

AZ-90, Benson, AZ, USA


Jelly was a huge hit with all of the birds last spring/summer…until the bee’s arrived. They were fine for quite awhile and didn’t seem to bother the birds until the flowers were done blooming. They were totally swarming the jelly. I had originally put the jelly to attract the orioles, which was working. After I finally had to remove the jelly I replaced with live meal worms in hopes to keep the orioles coming around. This little House Finch must’ve stayed there for about 10 min just cocking her head back and forth looking at the worms as if to say, “What in the heck are these and where’s the jelly?”

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Species: House Finch

What’s Are These And Where’s The Jelly?

Hey! Where's the jelly?

2 replies on “What’s are these and where’s the jelly?”

Alayne Evans says:

This is very cute and catches the birds personality

Jamie says:

Love this!

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