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Barry Kant

Brighton, ON, Canada


These pictures were taken on Wednesday morning, November 25th, on one of my feeders while on Project Feederwatch. When referred to some local birders, it was thought to be an immature Baltimore Oriole and that is how I reported it to Project Feederwatch. Since that time, other knowledgeable and respected birders have suggested it is a young male Bullocks Oriole, which if true would be rare.

Can you provide any clarification on which it might be?



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Species: Baltimore Oriole

A Baltimore Or Bullocks Oriole???

One reply on “A Baltimore or Bullocks Oriole???”

Ava says:

Hi, this bird is most likely a Baltimore Oriole. Bullock’s Orioles don’t even live near you, so it would be weird if it turned out to be one. A Baltimore Oriole is also rare for your location and date because they are only in your area for breeding. I think it is an immature male/female Baltimore Oriole.

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