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David and Jane Lopez

Moore, Oklahoma City, OK, USA


We photographed this white albino grackle with a large flock that were at our feeders in our backyard. We live in Moore, Oklahoma. Cleveland County.
David and Jane Lopez


Leucistic birds


Albino Common Grackle

3 replies on “Albino Common Grackle”

Jai says:

Hi! Just spotted an albino common grackle with a flock just like this. I was so curious that I had to look it up, and found this picture that looks like a clone of my backyard! I live in Miami, Oklahoma, so that means it’s very likely the same exact bird.

I have seen this bird two days in a row now: Spring 2022

John Michalski says:

I think I just saw such a bird at my feeder in Morristown NJ (July 18, 2023). All I saw at first was a large bird flying away from the feeder with white wings and tail. When I crept carefully into the yard, it was fluttering around on the ground, in the distance among a group of regular grackles. But that was all I got.

Barbara R Wagner says:

Just saw one in my neighbor’s yard with a bunch of grackles and blackbirds in eatern Montgomery County PA.

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