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Denise Rice

Bonfield, ON, Canada


A nice surprise at my feeder this morning, April 13, 2017; we get a lot of the other grosbeaks but this one is a first. I’m hoping it comes back so I can take a better picture.



Albino Evening Grosbeak

Albino Grosbeak; April 13, 2017 at my feeder in Bonfield Ontario

6 replies on “Albino Evening Grosbeak”

It’s Leucistic, not exactly albino, it’s a mutation that causes the feathers to be lighter or white.

Debbie says:

It’s hard to be sure if the eyes are red or dark, but they look red. If it were a parrot, it would be called creamino with the feathers being pale yellow and eyes red, lutino if the yellow is bright and deeper. When the eyes are dark rather than red it is not an ino. An albino must be pink skinned, red eyed and white feathered.(It’s all in the inherited genetics)The outdoor bird watchers of America don’t seem to go there tho…

Ava Johnson says:

It’s eyes appear to be black to me. This bird is leucistic. An albino bird is one that is completely white with red/pink eyes.

paul H Higginson says:

Had one at my feeder in Bethlehem NH, March 29, 2021

Trish Marrable says:

I had a bright yellow Evening Grosbeak at my feeder this morning in Hilldale Ontario. Lovely surprise. I did take a photo but am unable to upload it from my phone. Hope I see it again.

Lily Coleman says:

This morning at my feeder I am seeing an unusual sight!

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