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Daniel Tamkus

Aberdeen, MD, USA


photo taken 10:25 am, 25 Nov 2018. Feederwatch replied, “I can’t tell if the bird is leucistic (abnormal deposition of melanin in the feathers) or albinistic (complete absence of melanin), but it does look like one or the other.” We have watched but have not seen it again (3 days).


Leucistic birds

Albino Goldfinch?

photo through sliders and screen doors of thistle feeder with goldfinches

8 replies on “Albino Goldfinch?”

Karen Dacey says:

I have spotted (seen twice) what I think may be a leucistic goldfinch in my yard. My feeder isn’t up yet (today’s project) and that may afford me a better view. The back and chest of this bird are snow-white with traditional goldfinch wing markings. There are also a few paintbrush-style black swatches on the chest.
I’m in Newton, MA.
Nov. 12, 2019.

Phil says:

I have just seen on top of my thistle feeder,
(fleetingly)a mainly white goldfinch with usual yellow tipped wing feathers. Too slow to get my camera in time but now at the ready!
It chased off the other goldfinches that were congregating around the feeder.
Hoping for a return!
I’m in a small rural village south of Leeds UK.

Anne Cogger says:

St. George, Maine-6/11/2020
My grandson spotted a white goldfinch and now, I have seen it too. I think you would call it “leucistic”

Bob F. says:

I have also seen a mostly white and normal colored Goldfinch in my backyard twice. Once by the finch feeder and next in my wildflower garden picking seeds out of old flowers. Thought I was seeing things at first. No pictures, yet.

Ava Johnson says:

If you can, look at its eyes. An albino animal has red/pink eyes, a leucistic one has normal-colored eyes.

Carole king says:

Just spotted a white coloured Goldfinch on our feeder. Tried to get a photo but only a quick blurry one through foggy glass Watching to see if it returns If not will post the imperfect photo later.

Tony Natale says:

I think I just saw one in my backyard. It looked exactly as described by the above

Boris Jazbec says:

We have had two visits by a leucistic goldfinch in the past two days, feeding on nijer/sunflower hearts with other goldfinches. I have pictures which I’d like to share.

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