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Tracey Gardiner

Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


Seen Dec. 6, 2013 at 3:30 pm. Same size, markings, wings and beak as goldfinch, but body white with pale yellow head. Not seen again.


Albino Goldfinch

Dec. 6, 2013 3:30 pm

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Judy Andersen says:

Dec 18, Etowah,NC. I spotted one today at our feeder. It was in amongst a group of other goldfinch. Beautiful!

Mary Kirby says:

March 28 at 8 a.m. Just saw an albino goldfinch sitting alone on a branch watching birds at my thistle feeder. He flew away before I could snap a picture. Will be watching for him in hopes of getting a picture. I live in Wilton, Maine.

Crin Coull says:

I saw one in my quince which is blooming and it’s stark white stood out against the pink. I knew it was a goldfinch because of the pale yellow head. Hope to see it again. I live in Amherst, N.H.

Kathy Richards says:

Just saw one at my thistle feeder along with some of it’s fully colored brethren. Took me quite by surprise! Hope to get a decent picture if it returns. Akron Ohio

Kathleen Mirsky says:

I just saw one at my feeder as I was pulling in the driveway. I was able to put the passenger-side window down to verify what I was seeing, but no picture — yet. York, Pennsylvania

hadi says:

This is Hadi, I want to help me to know does this bird barren or sterile?

betsy says:

We have one near Alliance, OH got some good pictures but will have to download from camera in a few days.

Cheryl Mallernee says:

From southeast Ohio: on Tues. July 24th 2018 I saw one at our feeders with a rose breasted grossbeak. I couldnt figure it out. It was a beautiful white with the goldfinch’s shape, beak and black markings. When it flew I saw it had a yellow breast. I haven’t seen it again. But I surely hope I do. It would be exciting to get a photo.

Dec.3,2018 near Liberty, Il. Seen an albino goldfinch at my feeder this morning and it has been around all day.

Caroline says:

Took a couple of pics of an albino goldfinch today. Striking white and pale yellow head. So beautiful! Chattanooga, TN. Feb 12, 2018

Bud Pruitt says:

I saw an albino gold finch on my feeder today in Hesston PA

This is Michele Sanchez in Augusta wv. We have had a goldfinch with leuchism for 2 months. His body was all white but some all white with color on the wings but now a few feathers are turning yellow. Will it turn more?

Diane Wilson says:

I just spotted one in williamsburg Virginia. Still thrilled

Gene goedert says:

I was wondering if there was such a thing it was white everywhere except up by head light yellow patch same size and markings and right in with its brightly colored finch friends will try to get picture ,Fonda Iowa

Ardath Herbel says:

I saw one today along with my the other gold finches, had all the same markings but light yellow patch by head. Other finches didn’t seem too happy to have it around.

Wendy Lorenzi says:

I saw one in Hamilton Ontario today with regular colouring except that one wing was completely white as were one half of the tail feathers.

amy h. says:

we just saw one in our backyard, eating seeds from a patch of flowering catnip. it was in a group with other finches. we weren’t able to get a picture, but will keep trying, hoping it’ll reappear. we live in henrico, virginia, usa.

Donald says:

Have a regular in Joliet I’ll. Haven’t gotten a good pic but I will.

Debra S says:

I, too, have spotted a white Goldfinch in my backyard. Pretty aren’t they!

Carol Santucci says:

We have had 2 at our feeders for some time.They are
So beautiful

An albino Goldfinch appeared at my feeder yesterday, July 5th, 2020, and also a couple of days before that. Was unable to get a photo. I live in Wabash, Indiana.

Cynthia Knoght says:

Albino gold
finch at my feeders on the river for last few weeks in Creswell, Oregon

deanna soderberg says:

I have one at my feeder right now in Garrison, MN. got a picture.

Bud Manz says:

We have one here in Defiance Ohio that keeps coming back! 🙂

Clare Ritter says:

Unusual sight to behold! A bright white goldfinch bathing in birdbath. Potomac, Maryland

Sally Underwood says:

I saw a white goldfinch on my feeders today! He was feeding among common colored goldfinches. I had time to look him up on google and the description fit for Leucystic color phase … black wings and slight pale wash on small part of head.
I’m thrilled!

Nancy Williams says:

Hi Sally- just wondering if you’re anywhere in the Hudson Valley, NY area.

Nancy Williams says:

Thanks for this thread about white goldfinches popping up here and there. This morning one has been at my feeder and it had me wondering. Wings are black but where bright yellow should be there is bright white- very unusual! I live in Lagrange, NY (near Poughkeepsie).

Nancy Williams says:

Saw same at my feeders this morning- striking white body with black wings. There were a few other goldfinches feeding along with the white one making it easy to believe my eyes! Beautiful bird and so happy it wasn’t my imagination☺️. I live in the Hudson Valley area of NY (Lagrange).

Jean Hudson Fennell says:

Have seen a white goldfinch in with the many gold ones several times today. So beautiful! We live in Kennesaw, GA just a few miles NW of Atlanta.

Susan Penfold says:

Glad to know that there is such a thing. I thought maybe I was crazy! The one at my feeder seemed more of a creamy white than a stark white. What a beautiful little bird! I live in Silver Creek, NY, along the shore of Lake Erie.

Steve Hurter says:

Had an albino goldfinch at our feeder in Fulton, MD

Terry Ward says:

I have a couple of good pictures of an albino gold finch at our feeder today. North of Kingston.

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