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Jim Longfield

Mississauga, ON, Canada


Albino Sparrow, several sightings of the same bird




Albino Sparrow

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Dave Schafer says:

Saw an albino sparrow in Townsend, MA on August 21, 2018 with three additional house sparrows. Amazing.

David L Gleason says:

Saw a white sparrow twice this summer
Pearl Beach,Michigan
Good luck to follow

Robert Jilek says:

I saw a bird in my back yard yesterday that looked like the one shown on this page of the computer. this bird looked like a house sparrow and stayed with them while the feed on the feeders. this bird was all white with black or dark feathers on the edge of the wings.
I didn’t have a camera readily available and didn’t get a photo. I will keep looking in hopes of seeing the albino bird again.

Alice Donnelly says:

I saw a bird today on Long island New York (Wantagh, NY) that looked exactly like the one you were describing. I was feeding birds from my car in a shopping center parking lot: sparrows, grackles, the occasional crow. and this little guy, pure white with some black markings on its wings, sounding just like a sparrow as well as looking like one. Will try to upload a photo if I can, also have video. 🙂

Ava Johnson says:

Actually, that bird would be called leucistic, albinism is the complete loss of pigments in an animal’s body.

Janice Booth says:

I have an albino sparrow in my large garden in the Kaipara area of Northland New Zealand. My husband says he saw two but as yet I have only spotted one feeding with other sparrows.

Paul C. Moon says:

Saw an albino sparrow in a flock of house sparrows, first feeding on the ground then taking to flight. I have no doubt about what i saw. Allen Township Ottawa County, Ohio, April 17, 2019, about 11:30 am

Ann Perce says:

We have a partial albino house sparrow coming to the feeder and roosting in the bushes with the other house sparrows. Wings and back feathers are white.

Ann Perce says:

We have a partial albino house sparrow coming to the feeder and roosting in the bushes with the other house sparrows. Wings and back feathers are white. May 17, 2019

L Cremeens says:

I have an albino sparrow that comes to my feed her every day.

L Cremeens says:

I have an albino sparrow that comes to my feeder every day. Columbus Ohio

Louise Von Der Heide says:

There is a pair of white (or albino) sparrows in our yard near bird feeders. First we have ever seen. Small town of Smithton, IL, 30 miles from St. Louis, MO.

Scott says:

I have been seeing an albino house sparrow in Tampa Florida.

Richard Meador says:

I saw an Albino Sparrow in Fort Smith, Arkansas on Wheeler Ave at 6:40 AM Friday

kim meier says:

we have an albino sparrow in our little garden….we can be quit near her, without spooking her…..Aguilas, Murcia . Spain

Kari says:

Albino sparrow sighting, southern Sonoma county, California August 12, 2019, at 11:10 am. In a vineyard.

Sue Sanda says:

We have an albino sparrow living in our yard. We have seen it showering in our bird bath fountain and hanging out with the other house sparrows. Been here for a week. Hope it stays. Beloit, Wisconsin.

Paul says:

Just spotted an albino sparrow in my garden in Irvine, Scotland.

Tracy says:

It Such a delight to see our l Albino sparrow come to our feeder in the front yard it comes in and out and some days some it stays up in the tree and just feeds off our feeder I found out it’s very rare but it comes back every spring in Springfield mass

Rose says:

Just saw an albino sparrow with flock in yard in northern Illinois. Beautiful!

T says:

Have what appears to be an albino sparrow at my feeder in Port Washington, WI. Pure white.

Angela Nichol says:

Think I have an albino sparrow coming by to feeders for about the last week. I’m near Albany NY. Creamy white and he really stands out.

Shannon Graham says:

We have an albino sparrow that feeds in our front yard with several different kinds of birds. It gets chased away quite often by the others. It’s absolutely beautiful I love seeing it on the daily.

MaryBeth Babcock says:

I have had an albino sparrow come and feed with the other sparrows in my yard for two days now. Still trying to get a photo that isn’t blurry. I live in Lebanon, Wisconsin.

Jane Janssen says:

I’ve seen a few in the last couple of years here in Norfolk County Ontario. Can’t get a good pic with my phone.

Pauline Thornhill says:

I have an albino sparrow, in gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas S W Scotland UK

Sharon Smith says:

I saw a pure white bird in the grass with a small flock of sparrows before flying off. Couldn’t believe what I saw as I didn’t know these existed.
Absolutely exciting!

Evans, Colorado

Rob Cass says:

Just saw my first Albino sparrow today in far North-Eastern Illinois.
Picking around for seed on the ground, then made his way up to the bird feeder for some more food. Hung around for about 10 minutes.

Vickie Surderski says:

I just saw an albino sparrow today September 22, 2020 in north Coventry Pa.

John Garriock says:

I am 65 and I have never seen a white sparrow before today. There was a group of about 30 Sparrows feeding and bathing in a fresh water stream. The white sparrow seemed to keep it’s distance but still part of the flock. I live in Duncan B.C.

Aaron Kervian says:

I have a picture of one in Springfield ma

Clare Smith says:

We also get an albino sparrow (sometimes two) with our other sparrows feeding. We are in SOUTH TEXAS (Castroville, TX) which seems unique to the other sightings I’m seeing on this page.

Kim says:

I live in Rochester New York and I noticed for the first time on my feeder in the backyard I have an albino sparrow . At first I wasn’t sure but as I was watching the flat come to my feeder I could tell it was definitely a white common sparrow. I was just wondering how rare is this.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Kim, birds with white feathers are not necessarily rare, but they are indeed uncommon. You can read more about them on our Unusual Birds page here.

Dr Richard Twidle says:

Saw white sparrow July 20, 2021 in Ocean Grove, NJ . Among a group of about 20. Love birds and so this sighting was a thrill for me.
Dr. Twidle

Denise says:

I have 2 white sparrows that come to feeder with reg. Sparrows, they are beautiful.

Stephanie says:

I thought my eyes were playing tricks when an albino sparrow arrived with a flock today!!! Attleboro, MA

Deborah Tyler says:

I have an albino sparrow in my garden, here in Christchurch New Zealand. I have observed it being fed by a regular sparrow. It has been around for 2 weeks. I have some photos of it.

Phyllis Park says:

An albino sparrow has been visiting my feeders since this past winter outside Chillicothe, Ohio

William Skaggs says:

I had an Albino sparrow at my backyard feeders for a short time last year and guess what…it showed up again this year just last week and has been visiting daily. Super excited it decided to come back as I am sure it’s the same one.

William Skaggs says:

Sorry! I am in Houston county in Minnesota 👍

Martin says:

I have an albino in my flock, so cool, Calgary Alberta

Ricky Schnepf says:

I have a white sparrow feeding in my yard.
It has been around for the past three days, I’ve had a hard time getting a picture of it.

William Holl says:

I saw an albino house sparrow at my feeder yesterday about 30mi south of LAKE MICHIGAN.
I started researching what it could be as I was surprised by it.

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