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Carolyn Jennings

Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, CA, USA


I have seen this handsome fellow in my backyard feeder for the last 4 months. Sometimes he shows up when no one else is there, but normally he arrives with the other finches. He is the same size as the house finches, so I call him my albino finch. He always eats from the feeder, never eats off the ground.
I’ve been feeding birds at this location for 13 years and have not seen anything else like him. (I did spot a zebra finch, but that is another story.)
If it’s not a finch, what is it?

Note from FeederWatch staff: The bird appears to be a leucistic House Finch. Leucism is a plumage abnormality related to the deposition of pigment on feathers. You can learn more about leucism and other color variations in the Learn section of our website. It can be difficult to identify birds with plumage variations, but comparing the size, shape, and behavior of the bird with other birds in the vicinity or seeing which birds it associates with can give you clues.


Leucistic birds

Albino Finch?

3 replies on “Albino Finch?”

Nathan E Caldwell says:

We just saw a similar bird at our sunflower seed feeder a few days ago, and it’s been hanging around with the house finches since then. A really good birder I know recommended I search on albinistic finches and that search lead me here!

KATHY says:

I have one! First sighting today ..very cool !

Brian Shafer says:

I finally seen him again. No good pics . I live in Enfield NC

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