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Don Bemont

Gaines Rd, Albion, NY, United States


An American Goldfinch has an unusual vivid stripe of yellow on the head, sort of reminiscent of a golden crowned kinglet. It is almost certainly a SY male.

The bird has been part of the ever-growing flock visiting my feeder since late October, and is always instantly recognizable. (Sorry for the weak effort at photography — all I have available is a cell phone.)

The bird has always eaten on the ground or around the discarded Christmas tree, rather than on the nyger seed feeder which is the preferred location for members of the flock. Even on the ground, this individual usually eats on the periphery of the flock, and often when few of the birds are present.

In the last few days, the bird has taken to fluttering strangely while on the ground, and holding its left wing a little further out (see pic). Today, it appears barely able to fly, although it continues to feed, and so far has escaped the Cooper’s Hawk.


American Goldfinch With Plummage Variation

American Goldfinch present for many weeks at feeder, always recognizable by vivid yellow stripe on its crown.

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