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Stacie Grannum

Kingman, AZ, USA


Malaligned beak with extruded tongue.


Deformed bill

Anna’s Hummingbird Beak Deformity

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  • Kathy Roberts says:

    MIT scientist, Stephanie Seneff, believes the epidemic of bird beak deformities is caused by glyphosate in Roundup-treated bird seed, causing the keratin to break down. Roundup is also sprayed on cane and beet sugars, so it would be in hummingbird nectar in feeders. For more info, contact Dr. Seneff: I heard her remarks on this in a video of a presentation she gave on glyphosate.

    • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

      Hi Kathy, We’ve not heard of any studies linking glyphosate to beak deformities, however biologists in Alaska have been studying bill deformities, also known as Avian Keratin Disorder, for some time. In 2016 a team of researchers from the California Academy of Sciences, University of California San Francisco, and the USGS identified a novel virus that has been linked to Avian Keratin Disorder. You can learn more about their research here.

  • Stacie Grannum says:

    Thank you for the information! I have reported this observation to the USGS Alaska Science Center Beak Deformity and Banded Bird Observation Report.

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