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Celia King

Lasqueti Island, BC, Canada


This Spotted Towhee that has been coming to my feeder for the past 3-4 weeks. When I first noticed it, it appeared to have lost its feathers around its eyes. As time went by it has gradually lost all feathers on its head. and is completely bald. It doesn’t appear to be sick; it is feeding well and scuffing the ground for seeds, in fact acting normally.




Bald Spotted Towhee

Bald Spotted Towhee, Lasqueti Island, BC

3 replies on “Bald Spotted Towhee”

AJ says:

I have exactly the same thing happening here on the Olympic peninsula of Washington state. Any response to this?

AJ says:

I just read that sometimes these birds molt all at once on the head. This may be what is going on but I’m going to check with my local Audubon Society and wildlife shelter.

peter hilbig says:

A male eastern towhee with no head feathers lives in my yard. Also, a brown thrasher with no tail.

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