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Sherry Roberson

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, USA


I see this dove at the feeder several times a week. It’s the first one I’ve seen with dark feathers.



Black-headed White Wing Dove

White wing dove with dark head.

13 replies on “Black-headed white wing dove”

Gary Branigan says:

There is at least one very dark headed white wing dove visiting my yard daily at the intersection of Glasgow Drive and Mayfield Drive 76015 Arlington Texas

Kim Quigg says:

Early this morning I spotted a black headed dove drinking water in our backyard. I have never seen one before. We are on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are always birds hanging around since my Sun Conures throw food, I will try to get a picture if it returns.

George Dailey says:

Saw a White Winged Dove with a black head and neck in Leon Springs, TX. yesterday the 19th of April 2020. I have never seen one in my 60 years here in TX.

Laurel Meyer says:

Saw this bird tonight in Plano. He is so much bigger than the other Doves.

Sherry Baumgartner says:

I had a white wing dove with a black head and neck at my birdbath yesterday in a group of 18 white wing doves. He seemed to be a well accepted member of the flock.

Sherry Baumgartner says:

I had a white wing dove with a black head and neck at my birdbath September 29th and again on October 23rd in southeastern Colorado (La Junta). The white wing doves here also have a wide range of overall color, from light to dark brown.

Tamara Lafontaine says:

I wish I could show you these pictures I have from Biloxi MS. I have a white winged dove that is dark chocolate or blackish over most its body. Never saw one like it. Very similar to your picture, but very dark all over. Definitely a white winged dove. It travels with a flock of them.

S.R. says:
I’ve seen a relatively similar-looking bird. Not as dark in the head, but still with a fairly dark head and a ruddy back.

Elaine says:

I live in Las Cruses, NM, and I have several black headed White Wing doves, and also a few very dark, white winged doves that come to my feeder and bird bath. I have been searching for information on color variations in White Winged Doves but have found very little info.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Elaine, Please check out our color variants page, and review the Melanism section.

Vincent says:

Seen one for the first time at feeder in Dale, TX. With other White Wings feeding.

Kent A McConnell says:

I have just seen my first black headed white winged dove. 2.10.2023 in Arizona at my feeder block.

Alex D Rust says:

August 29 2023 8.40 Dove in one of my feeders, right side of head and neck black.
Worcester. UK

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