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Sherry Roberson

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, USA


I see this dove at the feeder several times a week. It’s the first one I’ve seen with dark feathers.



Black-headed White Wing Dove

White wing dove with dark head.

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Gary Branigan says:

There is at least one very dark headed white wing dove visiting my yard daily at the intersection of Glasgow Drive and Mayfield Drive 76015 Arlington Texas

Kim Quigg says:

Early this morning I spotted a black headed dove drinking water in our backyard. I have never seen one before. We are on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are always birds hanging around since my Sun Conures throw food, I will try to get a picture if it returns.

George Dailey says:

Saw a White Winged Dove with a black head and neck in Leon Springs, TX. yesterday the 19th of April 2020. I have never seen one in my 60 years here in TX.

Laurel Meyer says:

Saw this bird tonight in Plano. He is so much bigger than the other Doves.

Sherry Baumgartner says:

I had a white wing dove with a black head and neck at my birdbath yesterday in a group of 18 white wing doves. He seemed to be a well accepted member of the flock.

Sherry Baumgartner says:

I had a white wing dove with a black head and neck at my birdbath September 29th and again on October 23rd in southeastern Colorado (La Junta). The white wing doves here also have a wide range of overall color, from light to dark brown.

Tamara Lafontaine says:

I wish I could show you these pictures I have from Biloxi MS. I have a white winged dove that is dark chocolate or blackish over most its body. Never saw one like it. Very similar to your picture, but very dark all over. Definitely a white winged dove. It travels with a flock of them.

S.R. says:
I’ve seen a relatively similar-looking bird. Not as dark in the head, but still with a fairly dark head and a ruddy back.

Elaine says:

I live in Las Cruses, NM, and I have several black headed White Wing doves, and also a few very dark, white winged doves that come to my feeder and bird bath. I have been searching for information on color variations in White Winged Doves but have found very little info.

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Elaine, Please check out our color variants page, and review the Melanism section.

Vincent says:

Seen one for the first time at feeder in Dale, TX. With other White Wings feeding.

Kent A McConnell says:

I have just seen my first black headed white winged dove. 2.10.2023 in Arizona at my feeder block.

Alex D Rust says:

August 29 2023 8.40 Dove in one of my feeders, right side of head and neck black.
Worcester. UK

Neal Lemerise says:

North of Benson, Arizona in SE Arizona I have a melanistic white-winged dove visiting now on a regular basis. Black head and neck, dirty black chest.

Jim Zook says:

You can add Costa Rica to the list of places for “Black-headed” White-winged Dove. Had one come to get.s drink this morning at our bird bsth. Similar to what others have said, first one I’ve ever seen in 35 years of birding in Costa Rica.

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