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Barbara McGovern

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


Leucistic birds

Black Northern Flicker

Black flicker

9 replies on “Black Northern Flicker”

Allen Polston says:

We have Flickers visiting our suet and I saw this one for the first time today. At first I thought it was a Starling and then realized that it Was a Flicker. I have never seen a black one before….Spotted on November 21, 2017 in Laurel Montana…

Cathy Collins says:

We saw a few of them at a ranch outside of Salmon Idaho

Gail K Holcomb says:

I came here trying to identify the six birds that showed up in my backyard around noon, 6/7/22, in central Michigan. At first I thought they were pairs, but I believe they were two kinds of Northern Flickers, black and the normally colored flickers with the red head and neck patch and black patch on the breast.

Nannybass says:

I just saw two blackish flickers at my suet feeder. Regular northern flickers are regulars at our feeders but I was shocked to see the blackish flickers

Becky says:

Had a black flicker in my yard a few weeks ago, on ground where soil had been disturbed. I think it had been foraging for ants. Identical except for black and charcoal coloring. (Northern Rio Rancho, New Mexico)

Billy says:

We just had a black flicker drumming on our flat top metal gas flue and singing. never saw a black flicker here in Nile Ontario Canada…..never thought they came our way……seen several fickers that looked like the red bellied woodpecker…..Apr. 14 2023

Paul R. Ward says:

We had a Black Northern Flicker here in Billings, MT today in my yard.
I had never seen one before, and the only way I was able to identify it
was by the black crescent marking on the throat area, which was very
visible. The overall color of the bird was a dark , charcoalish brown,
with slightly pale pinkish markings on the sides of the head.
He was quite large, about the size of a regular, large Flicker.
He was ‘ pecking ‘ at the ground, like a woodpecker pecks at a tree,
and I suspect he was eating ants, which are common in the lawns here
in Billings.

Joseph Brooks says:

For past several weeks we have had a group of about 8 very black flicker like birds feasting daily on our suet feeder. There no sign of any other colour when perched in a row on the electric wire across our yard. We have other typical coloured ones also quite puzzled about what’s up with that.

Barbara Knox says:

A friend of mine says she has a Northern Flicker with red on the breast instead of the usual black bib. Anyone ever seen this. We haven’t gotten a picture yet, but her husband confirms the coloring. It was hopping around their yard by the patio table while they had coffee in the morning.

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