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Barbara McGovern

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


Leucistic birds

Black Northern Flicker

Black flicker

3 replies on “Black Northern Flicker”

Allen Polston says:

We have Flickers visiting our suet and I saw this one for the first time today. At first I thought it was a Starling and then realized that it Was a Flicker. I have never seen a black one before….Spotted on November 21, 2017 in Laurel Montana…

Cathy Collins says:

We saw a few of them at a ranch outside of Salmon Idaho

Gail K Holcomb says:

I came here trying to identify the six birds that showed up in my backyard around noon, 6/7/22, in central Michigan. At first I thought they were pairs, but I believe they were two kinds of Northern Flickers, black and the normally colored flickers with the red head and neck patch and black patch on the breast.

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