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Kim Tryka

Rockville, MD, United States


This blue jay seems to have lost all of its tail feathers. It appears otherwise healthy, and seemed to have no trouble flying from the trees in my yard to the ground to get the peanuts I was tossing.




Blue Jay Without Tail Feathers

I seem to have lost something...

9 replies on “Blue jay without tail feathers”

Debbie says:

That’s a lucky blue jay. Having no tail feathers is usually caused by a fright molt, which is when a bird’s tail feathers all fall out at once when a predator grabs it’s tail and the bird is able to get away.

Shanda says:

My dog got a blue jays tail feathers and it hopped to some sticker bushes and got stuck we got it out and have it in a cage because it can’t fly or help itself. how can we help it? At least until it can fly again and go back to the wild

Chérie Lynn Jackson says:

Thank you for this question and answer. I just saw one at my bird feeder. He is lucky indeed!

Mary says:

I have one and asked GOOGLE. This is one of the sites. Thanks🐦

Mary Campbell says:

I just saw a lucky blue jay in my back yard but he looked a little thin to me!

Alicia Harris says:

I saw a Jay today with absolutely no tail feathers. A bit concerning because the chest feathers were either dirty or wet so she seemed disheveled. I came on line to see if it was possibly a baby Jay.

Deborah Wullf says:

I have a very healthy-appearing fledgling blue jay with no tail feathers at my feeders…….believe he/she is one of the “lucky” ones. Her looks are quite endearing!

Norm says:

I’m in Manitoba and I have a lucky Bluejay visit my feeder daily, my reasoning was correct, I figured he’d lost them to a predator !!

Lou says:

My main blue jay lost its tail feathers. He was the one that waited for the peanuts. When I threw them out He would get the others to eat. They would all wait until everyone came and then it was war 🙂 But the main guy seems all by himself now? I am sad for him. The others come at a different time.

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