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Bev Jones

Oro Valley, AZ, United States


Buzz showed up in the middle of July with his bill a mess. The bill appeared to be crossed and his tongue was permanently extended. Didn’t think he could survive but he did and he tried to guard the three feeders in my yard. He became some what tame and would land on the refilled feeders I was holding before I could hang them up. Whenever I stepped outside he would come, stare into my face, buzzing, and circle my head. Every time. Even if I sat down to read, there he was. We had heavy rain Nov 21 & 22. Buzz did not show up on the 23rd or any day since. He left a little hole in my heart.


Deformed bill


Buzz The Hummer

Crossed bill with tongue extended

One reply on “Buzz the hummer”

Ava Johnson says:

Poor little guy. It’s neat that you two had such a close bond, he’ll forever live in your heart!

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