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Gary and Jan Small

Vermillion, SD, USA


This unusual grackle was seen at our bird feeders along with large numbers of Red-winged Blackbirds and more usual-looking Common Grackles.


Leucistic birds

Common Grackle With White Head

Common Grackle

25 replies on “Common Grackle with white head”

Ava Johnson says:

He’s leucistic, which means he has a reduced amount of pigmentation, which is why his head is white.

Joan says:

our feeder swarm of Red Wing Blk birds, grackles. common & Sail
tail. one Sail tail with a dark eye and white head. never have seen anything in the flocking black birds like it

Susan L Gardner says:

Saw one of these in my backyard in April 2023. Two times now. Trying to get a photo. I am in southeast Michigan.

Elizabeth Lorey says:

I just saw two today in my yard in southeast michigan! I’ve never seen them before. It was pulling up something from some long grass and then coming back for more.

Barb says:

One of these at my feeder in Southeastern Ontario

Ryan says:

I had one at my feeder today in SW Ontario, May 2023

Dave says:

Saw one with a very pure white head, north central Wisconsin. 1st sighting for me.

Izzy says:

Just saw one in my backyard today, I am in southeastern Wisconsin.
I’ve never seen one in person before but have been hearing about sightings over the past couple of years.

Ann E. says:

I just took a photo of a Common Grackle with a white head in my yard, in Cape Coral, Florida. It was feeding its fledging peanuts from our feeder. Fascinating, and first for me

elizabeth says:

I’’m in Lindsay On Canada and have seen white heat grackles on my feeder several times. Hard to get info on them. I heard once they were called albino.

Charlotte Fraley says:

Saw this guy today in my backyard. I live in Brownsburg, Indiana

Cookie says:

My daughter and I saw one yesterday in Monroe NC. Had no idea what we saw until I looked it up. Had never seen one before. Very cool !!

Dee says:

One has been coming to our feeder for the past month here in Miami, Florida…,,. The first for me ?!


Seen one today in madoc ont, first time ever

Kar says:

I have one at my feeder this morning! I am on the midcoast of Maine.

Had one at our feeders today along common grackles. Tried to get a picture but they startle easily. Hoped it would return, but haven’t seen it again. I’m from southern New Jersey.

Lori says:

We have one that just showed up at our feeder last week. First time seeing one. Now that I know what it is I’m ok with it moving on.

I am in RI.

John Dixon says:

I live in Frankfort Ky. And today I got to watch a white headed grackle for the first time. I scatter feed and sunflower seeds around my backyard. He was feeding with other black birds with purple colored heads. Wonderful looking 👀 birds. Hope I get another opportunity. I also have a beautiful greyhawk that sometimes visits my huge pin oak in the backyard. My first grackle with white head. 👏🏻

C Mell says:

I am in southwest Michigan and just saw a white head with dark specks on my feeder. It iis the same one that showed up for the first time, last year.

S Miller says:

I just saw a white headed grackle at one of my local parks in Lakewood, CO. Got a positive ID using the Merlin Sound ID.

Tina Ulakovic says:

I think I seen this bird in flight and as it flew it looked rather thin and striking black body with white head.I first thought it was an eagle,but it flew low and was maybe about 2ft. In wing span.I just know that it was the first time I seen such a bird here in Brockport,NY..

Millie says:

I saw a black bird with bright blue iridescent head, white face and black around the eyes. Bird ID said Grackle..?? Central Minnesota

Gene Pierce says:

Just saw one just outside Des Moines Iowa.

Susan Paige Weber says:

Just spotted one today in my driveway, just found out it’s species on this website. I live in New Jersey and had never seen one. I am a bird feeder for decades.

Richard Koch says:

I have one living behind my house. Cream Ridge NJ. Saw him a few times.. have a couple pics. . But far away.

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