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paul forde

Argo, AL, United States


thought you’d be interested? taken a couple years ago. crow showed up for a few days, but did not stay for long. maybe tumor got the best of him. also, if interested, have a couple of photos with eye disease on goldfinches. had a lot of eye disease in goldfinches and to a lesser extent in house finches this year


Crow Tumor?

3 replies on “crow tumor?”

Terry Allen says:

A juvenile crow born this summer has one like that on her right knee and one is now growing on her left. He seems to be getting around okay. He has been coming to our yard every day with his parents. I’m sure there’s nothing I can do about it but I’ve been trying to find information. He’s the only baby of this crow couple so it makes me sad to thing he’ll eventually die from it.

Tim says:

This is weird, I have been feeding a flock for a few years now, a mother crow has been a regular throughout and her latest batch of chicks, one has this exactly! They are growing daily, lately even faster as cold weather sets in, I call him “Knobs” for the big almost golfball sized tumors on the knees, just like your photo, I know he’s doomed when the freeze sets in, we’re in Canada. I have seen several other birds with strange tumors on beaks, feet, and knees, but none as bad as this guy.
I am curious what this is, what causes it, and if I can save him, he’s very friendly, never leaves his mom. I feed them sardines, fresh water only. Once in a blue moon a little donut or leftover catfood, but I am wary of this. I see other people use them as a garbage disposal at times, and I wonder if this is the cause, there’s something in the food, our food, causing tumors in crows? Swinging away in the dark with this guess but seems like the best answer at the moment.

Natasha M Dreusike says:

There is a crow in my yard with large cancer growth. He is under the trees and not with his friends…I am 50 and never seen this …I do wonder if covid has caused this as it goes after anything your medically susceptible to and also I wonder if it was caused from old injury…cancer settles into old injuries…heart breaking.

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