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Jordan Haber

New Jersey, United States


Looks a little like a female Dark-eyed Junco but with the wings and white discoloration of throat as seen on a White-throated Sparrow, could be a cross between the two.



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Species: White-throated Sparrow

Probably Dark-eyed Junco X White-throated Sparrow Hybrid

3 replies on “Probably Dark-eyed Junco x White-throated Sparrow Hybrid”

Anne Marie Johnson, FeederWatch staff says:

This is indeed a hybrid Dark-eyed Junco and White-throated Sparrow! The two are known to hybridize, but it is rare. Great find!

Martha Gerkey says:

Just watching a group of juncos under a bird feeder by our windows facing south during an April snowstorm, there are at least 4 or 5 juncos and then there are two birds that look like a cross between a sparrow and a junco. They seem a little chubbier than the juncos and a little more skittish. I have tried to get a picture through the window but none are too clear. One is much more sparrow like while the second one has more grey mixed feathers. Location: Stillwater MN. date: 4.14.18

Lee James says:

Just saw one of these hybrids below the feeder in Prescott, AZ! (9/28/19) Distinct white-throated markings on a junco.

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