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Kamala Englin

Eureka, CA, United States



A Dark-eyed Junco With A Few, Small, White Patches.

Just a dark-eyed junco with a few white spots.

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  • Linda Roundhill says:

    I thought I was seeing things. We have a local junco in pur yard that is positively marbled with white spots! I will try to get a photo.

  • Karen Garcia says:

    I have one in my yard too–with even more white patches than yours. I am calling it a leucistic coloring, meaning it has lost some melanin in it’s feathers. Not sure if that is correct so if anyone knows differently let me know.

  • Denis Beller says:

    we have one in our yard in Libby, MT. White spots on face and back of neck.

  • Ray says:

    Just saw one in my yard. Looked like a male and the top of head was pure white.

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