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jack/helyn harris

Frenchtown, NJ, United States


Dark eyed junco with eye rings


Leucistic birds

Dark Eyed Junco With Eye Ring

One reply on “Dark eyed junco with eye ring”

Kristen Cameron says:

Hello! I am not a member, but would like to share that on April 28, 2022 we also have a dark-eyed junco with white eye rings here in Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada. We have named our curious little friend ‘Bandit.’ With such distinctive markings, we have observed Bandit make repeat visits to our feeder area. Bandit does not get in the feeding frenzy mix on the ground below our feeder, and prefers to stick to the periphery.

Bandit joins a large group of feeding juncos (40+), purple finches, fox sparrows, and white-throated sparrows (the latter arrived just today while the juncos – Bandit excluded – have been here for a few weeks and made it through some terrible storms).

I did a quick search online, and discovered your photo. Neat!

Warm Regards,
Kristen Cameron

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