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Alison Curtis

Gooderham, ON, Canada


I see this bird most days. It holds its tail unusally erect and the tail seems to have more white feathers than the other goldfinches. Its tail is always up like this (i.e. it doesn’t change position). It doesn’t seem to affect its flying that I can tell.



Goldfinch With An Erect And White Tail

5 replies on “Goldfinch with an erect and white tail”

Jessica says:

Just saw one today April 11, 2021
I thought it was unusual a Gold Finch seemed larger and his tail was mostly white and erect.

Steve says:

Morning Jessica, I have one in my back yard. I’m on Cape Cod near Chatham. July 2021

Christine Prengaman says:

I have one in Farmville, VA. It isn’t holding its tail erect but it’s definitely white and different than the others! I hope it’s nothing bad after the bird sickness earlier this year.

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Christine, that is most likely a condition known as leucism. Leucism means that an animal is missing some pigment, which results in white or lighter than normal areas. It does not affect the bird’s health and is nothing to worry about.

Caroline says:

I have one with a white tail too- actually a number with more white in tail than normal. Not holding erect. I am on South Shore Ma.

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