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Pamela Thompson

Michigan City, IN, United States


Spotted this one Goldfinch with white spot of feathers on head.


Goldfinch With White Cap

White-capped Goldfinch on 24Mar2015

11 replies on “Goldfinch with white cap”

NanaAncestor says:

I’ve had a similar guy visit throughout the winter. I just spotted him again today with his summer bright yellow color but still with a white cap. I don’t remember if there was white on his wings though. Very unusual. Canadian Lakes, MI

Sally Harrison says:

I had one today at my feeders but I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo.Arlington, Texas

Deb Killenbeck says:

Had a goldfinch with clearly defined white cap on my nyjer feeder for quite some time this morning. It came back several times to feed. Didn’t think to take a photo. Williamson, New York

Judith D Miller says:

October 29, 2018
Today we saw a goldfinch with white cap at our thistle feeder. Breast feathers light color, pale yellow and dark distinct black and white tail stripes (darker than the others at the feeder). Never have seen one like that before. Gresham, Oregon

Marie Willer says:

Yes, I also had a white capped goldfinch today at my feeder. Cannot find info however on this.

Jack Shubert says:

January 4, 2020

I saw a white cap gold finch feeding on the ground underneath our feeder. Looks like photo above. First time I have seen one. Middlebury, VT

JM Reinhardt says:

There are many white capped finches around Cohoes, NY 12047 this spring.

ivy Lobato says:

I too saw a yellow finch with a white cap at my bird feeder last Sunday 3/29/2020 in midcoast Maine

Jo-Ann Parks says:

We have one too, in Halifax, Massachusetts!

Lucinda Q says:

I saw one of these yesterday, 11/15/20, with a few other goldfinches at one of my feeders in the Hudson Valley, NY. It looked slightly darker than others, and it had a distinctive bright white cap. It looks just like the one in the photo in this post. I have only seen information on this site, although I wish there was more. This is the first time I have seen a goldfinch like this.

Ava Johnson says:

This is called leucism. It is an absence of pigments in an animal’s body, resulting in light-colored or white areas. In birds, typically they will have mottled white, lighter colored areas or, like in this photo, will have a patch of feathers that isn’t white on other members of their species. They sure are beautiful.

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