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Nancy Weil

Providence, RI, United States


This is a photo of a grackle with white facial feathers. There were at least three such grackles at our feeders at various times – all three have slightly different white feathers, so I was able to tell there was more than one. One has just a spot of them above its beak, another has white feathers just around its eyes and a third has a nearly all-white face. I took this one with my phone camera because it was handy, and then had our good digital camera at the ready later on over the hours I watched these two days and I took multiple, excellent, close-up shots of two different grackles with these markings, as well as photos of a rock pigeon with an odd white feather sort of attached to the top of its beak, but we had a burglary at our home a few days after these count days, before I transferred the photos to my computer, and the camera was stolen, alas, so this phone-camera photo is the only one I can offer.


Leucistic birds


Grackle With White Feathers

Leucistic grackle

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  • Michael Gougeon says:

    My Wife and I, have been watching a white faced grackle for over a week now. It must be nesting close by for it to be hanging out so much. It likes to perch on top of the light pole in front of our home. It is less than a 100 ft a way, but I can’t get a picture with our phones. He stays just to far away

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