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Nancy Weil

Providence, RI, United States


This is a photo of a grackle with white facial feathers. There were at least three such grackles at our feeders at various times – all three have slightly different white feathers, so I was able to tell there was more than one. One has just a spot of them above its beak, another has white feathers just around its eyes and a third has a nearly all-white face. I took this one with my phone camera because it was handy, and then had our good digital camera at the ready later on over the hours I watched these two days and I took multiple, excellent, close-up shots of two different grackles with these markings, as well as photos of a rock pigeon with an odd white feather sort of attached to the top of its beak, but we had a burglary at our home a few days after these count days, before I transferred the photos to my computer, and the camera was stolen, alas, so this phone-camera photo is the only one I can offer.


Leucistic birds


Grackle With White Feathers

Leucistic grackle

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