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Mari Michaelis

Mastic, NY, United States


July 29, 2014, Only appeared this one day. Has a wide white horizontal stripe across his tail-feathers.


Horizonal Tail Stripe On A Common Grackle

Very interesting white horizontal stripe across the tail of (what I think is) a Red-winged Blackbird.

9 replies on “Horizonal tail stripe on a Common Grackle”

Amy says:

In Covington, ga and just saw 3 like this..

Nonie Salter says:

I have one of these at my suet in New Rochelle NY for the last 2 days. Looks very much like this picture but is definitely brown with some light speckles scattered over its top feathers. Exact same tail-feathers and dark beak. Looks rougher and browner than the other grackles

Peggy says:

I had three, one larger than the other two, in my front yard today in Walton Ky.. They were under my Ash tree. Had never seen one before.

Ann Stoddard says:

Have seen one of these in my backyard.the past few days-
Very black feathers
Have never seen this one in my yard before

Kirk says:

I was just attacked by a bird that closely matches this description on the front porch of my mom’s house. The band on the tail feathers was across the very bottom of the tail however and actually seemed to be a gray color. I don’t know if there was a nest nearby but it kept swooping down at me about 3 times, then retreated for about 5 seconds and then returned and dive bombed me again about 3 times. I walked back into the house reasoning that there must be a nest nearby. This happened in McCreary County Kentucky.

D Cz says:

Just saw one that matches description of the one in Kentucky. Haven’t been able to identify it so far.

Darnell says:

Beautiful Blackbird. Band of bright white on tale. Lots of activity in my front yard. Mocking Birds, Mississippi state bird also has her nest with babies.

Irene Astill says:

I’ve just seen a blackbird type with a white tip on the tail. Never seen one like before. Nottingham England.

Pippa says:

I’ve just seen one like this in Cambridge city, a bit smaller than a blackbird with a clear quite thick white stripe across the tail, hopping about on my lower roof below my bedroom I googled to find it’s name..and arrived here!

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