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Susan Wider

Santa Fe, NM, United States


We have been seeing this house finch-sized bird at both the bird bath and a seed feeder for about a month, often daily. The lower beak is elongated and tubular. Instead of an upper bill, there is a thin protuberance that extends forward and wraps over the side of the lower beak on the bird’s right. The bird eats and drinks well, flies well, and seems otherwise healthy. It has patches of yellow to beige above the eyes and on the breast. We have additional photos if desired.


Deformed bill

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Species: House Finch

House Finch With Beak Deformity

Side view showing deformed lower beak with protuberance where upper beak should be.

8 replies on “House finch with beak deformity”

Deborah Hughes says:

We have a house finch at our feeder that has this same deformity. She seems to be doing ok despite it.

Stacy says:

I just saw one like this as well. Sad but it is able to eat. I have pics as well.

Susan Hession says:

I have one at my feeder as well. Has some difficulty eating. I sent a picture to my local rehab center

Sarah Rowan says:

I have one at my feeder, too. Just noticed her for the first time yesterday. Her upper beak seems almost non-existent.

Spike says:

I also have one. Female. Any known cause?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Spike, please feel free to read more about beak deformities on our webpage here.

Bonnie Feary says:

Male house finch with beak deformity. Lexington SC. Dec. 28, 2020. He is at the feeder and is able to eat.

Julie says:

Angeles National Forest/LA County

Just noticed a cute little finch who has a deformed bill. She also looks as though her eyes are not in the right place and feathers either mounting on her head or she’s got a very patchy head. She’s eating perfectly and is quite a bully when the others come to eat. Have not captured photo yet but I will. Is there something I can supplement black sunflower seeds with to help with any nutritional issues?

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